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IntelliTransit is a Next Generation Transit Technology Solutions provider with ground breaking out of the box thinking backed by impeccable customer service. Transforming Transit Technology with truly innovative next generation solutions tailored around our customers. Continuous optimization of our products with precision agility based on direct feedback from our valuable customers.

Are you ready to experience Next Generation Transit Technology Solutions? Team IntelliTransit can assist you in your quest. We deliver full range of technology solutions and professional services including designing, implementation and support of Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS).

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IntelliTransit is your next generation transit technology solutions provider. Our mission is to Transform Transit Technology. In an industry filled with archaic products, we bring a fresh, innovative perspective. Specializing in paratransit on-demand solutions, fixed route solutions, fleet management, interactive voice response (IVR), mass communication systems, and business intelligence (BI) solutions, with impeccable customer service to match, we’re ready to change the status quo. 

intelliTransitPay – Mobile Ticketing System
Automatic Vehicle Location Solutions (AVL)

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Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

intelliTransitPay - Mobile Ticketing System

Automatic Vehicle Location Solutions (AVL)


IntelliFleet Status & Management


IntelliTransits’ Automatic Vehicle Locator and Tracking (AVL) offering is a cost effective and efficient real-time locator and tracking service for the transit agencies, service providers and businesses. Our software as a service (SaaS) model does all the heavy lifting and provides round the clock access to the AVL web portal. Our services include pre-configured GPS trackers, best national cellular service, and secure access to the web portal for designated Customer staff as per their role. With additional modules subscription, this service can further expand and provide enhanced reporting, training & tracking and more. 


Our streamlined, innovative product line replaces the dozens of impractical products in the market. Our solutions are continually optimized based on direct feedback from our customers to ensure that our products are tailored to our clients. Administration will be able to see this innovation at work with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all in one united platform.

At IntelliTransist, the days of multiple vendors, limited functionality, and lip service are gone. Partner with us and we’ll provide comprehensive, flexible solutions of the future today.



Our mission is to empower our customers to transform their vision into reality with Innovation, Creativity, Integrity and Sincere Sustained Efforts to deliver impeccable solutions and joy of true perfection. 

Be socially and environmentally responsible, create unprecedented value and opportunity for our Customers, Team Members and Partners.



We’re ready to change the status quo, are you? Let's connect today.