Transit AVL App

The Real-Time ETA App and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Technology Integrated with Live GPS Data and GTFS

Transit App The Real-Time AVL Tracker app displays real-time location and ETA of the bus while locating the nearest route of the service provider according to users’ current GPS location. It also displays all active routes automatically according to the time of the day and day of the week as well as guiding the users with step-by-step direction for arriving at the closet stop.

The app displays all routes and their corresponding stops with push of a button in addition to displaying all the stops on the map and in the information section in ascending order.The user is able to change search radius of stop from five to fifteen miles and can also check scheduled arrival and departure times according to the stop and the route.

Transit Apps Trip planner feature integrates with GTFS feeds and provides end-to-end trip with possible connections with other service providers; most frequently used addresses are saved for reusability. The service provider can also send outbound alerts and informational massages to the users. This app is published in two versions, one with ads and another without ads, for possible ad revenue monetization by the service provider. The applications’ back-end runs on software as a service (SaaS) model.