IntelliFleet Status & Management

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Fleet Management Solutions

The Fleet Status Module will provide KPIs to the management team and the staff by accurate fleet availability. If fleet drops certain thresholds, an escalation process is followed. The Web UI could be accessed from a PC/Phone and also be displayed on 55 inch plus TVs in Dispatch and Maintenance departments.

This module has a robust backend with phenomenal workflows for providing a single pane of glass for the Management, Maintenance, Dispatch, Scheduling and Wash Bay departments. No more multiple inter department email/phone communication, at all times real-time live status of the fleet. The Maintenance department will get better information for fixing the issues because dispatching department will have ability of adding trouble short codes, problem description about the vehicle resulting in reduced maintenance cycle by getting correct information at the first time from the drivers. The module, also provides integrated Vehicle Registration and Insurance paperwork in the system with reminders for the renewals.

  • One click import facilitates zero manual data entry and automatically populated Vehicle Type ( Rev/Support), Mfg Year, Make, Model, Capacity (Passengers and Ambulatory), Reg#, Internal Vehicle#, VIN#, Generated Unique Vehicle QR Code.
  • If IntelliFleet does not receive direct mileage data then mileage Data can be imported with on-click from third party sources. One click import saves tremendous time compared to manual data entry in to the system, while also providing accurate data avoiding potential of manual data entry errors.
  • IntelliFleet also provides manual overwrite/data entry of the mileage and IntelliFleet keeps track of Import or manual updates and provided safety check wrong data entry, if in error a lower mileage was entered.
  • Short Maintenance Codes are provided by IntelliFleet, additional codes can be added for facilitating Maintenance/Road Call Tickets. Facility of entering required information was also enabled for more meaningful details in the tickets. Short Codes could also be added which may become part of Preventive Maintenance (PM) Activity Groups.
  • Preventive Maintenance & Thresholds and Pro-active notifications
  • Escalation notifications