Customer Care Management System

Technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

Customer Care Management System
  • Client Care Management System (CCMS) is an effective tool in Client Care management and compliant handling. The system can further be customized using our workflow tool.  CCMS helps improving productivity and provide much clean workflows as well as reference/look up. With increased productivity the team members’ services could be utilized in other areas of operations.
  • Our workflow covers right from logging a complaint, investigation, interviews, electronic letter approval and delivery via email of print as needed.
  • Complaint ticket logging via web, email, phone and/or letter.
  • Complete end-to-end automated workflows for each department involved and information visibility, reminders and action items
  • Complaint investigation using associated checklists such as information from appointment data manifest, phone, radio recording and other sources.
  • Investigation interview documentation for the parties involved e.g. the employees, drivers, dispatchers, witness etc.
  • Establish complaint validity and provide information/assessment to manager in-charge responsible for determining if complaint is valid/invalid/undetermined.
  • Automated letter writing workflow from proof reading editing, approval.
  • GM Approval – General Manager for reading and sign-off on the letter, if required print and dispatch.
  • Letter delivery via email and/or postal mail.
  • Advance Reporting and Audit Logs.